Chairing in Practice

Chairing in Practice Programme

We are in a world where trends are hugely accelerated and continually evolving. Chairs are much taken up in considering the impact of these changes on the role of the board, its agendas and what structures will be best for their boards in order to meet this increased degree of complexity.

Our guiding principle is that it is the role of the Chair to create the atmosphere in which value can be created for stakeholders and society at large. Over the course of the series, we will unpick each element of that sentence-

How is that atmosphere created?

What does ‘value’ mean now?

How does one structure the board to deliver to that agenda and

How does one manage the new quality of 360* stakeholder engagement?


The group is made up of a selected group of new and in-coming Chairs and senior board members. To determine the content of the sessions, we adopt the framework of the various relationships through which the Chair leads. Each of the sessions centres on one such, with two experienced Chairs or other speakers leading the conversation before opening it into a single conversation.

The topics include:

The experiential and practical aspects of becoming a Chair

Crafting the Board

Relationships with

• the CEO and Executive Directors

• the Committee Chairs and SID

• Government and Regulators

• Investors

• Employees

Developing/transforming company structure and performance


The tone is kept wholly conversational while the Chatham House rule applies absolutely.

2023/24 Programme Calendar

November 2023

Breakfast: On taking a first Chairing role

Speakers: Ruth CairnieIan Durant

Dinner: The Chair’s relationship with the CEO

Speaker: Vindi Banga

Breakfast: Crafting the Board

January 2024

Dinner: Relationships with the SID and Committee Chairs

Breakfast: CEO Succession

March 2024

Dinner: CEO Succession

Dinner: Ai and Cyber

Dinner: Chairing in a PE Context

Speaker: Patrick Kennedy

April 2024

Breakfast: Relationships with Investors and Regulators

Group dinner