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The Effectiveness Review is a great developmental tool in a Chair’s kitbag.  Our approach is to bring into focus a board’s collective clarity on its remit, its objectives and strategy, the execution of that strategy, its understanding of the value being delivered to stakeholders, and its compliance with its duties. 

In addition, we explore the dynamics of a board’s decision-making – the flow and the quality of information, the nature and quality of board debate, and the degree of cognitive diversity, lived and business experience around the table underpining that dynamic.

Any effectiveness review needs to be tailored to the client situation in order to generate actionable insight.  This tailoring determines where emphasis will be placed in the process of enquiry, but also in the composition of the team constructed to match the context.  The best team can comprise a business person with context specific knowledge working alongside a professional advisor whose experience is in managing reviews and advising boards on other aspects of composition and behaviourally related factors. We base all analysis on 1:1 conversations, observation of group dynamics and analysis of structures and papers.

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